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BRAND NEW FOR 2022! “Are You Rapture Ready?” Gospel Bible Tracts Are Now Available!

Jesus Is Coming Back Very Soon! Time Is Fast Running Out!

What If I Miss The Rapture?

Very soon millions of people shall suddenly disappear and there will be mass panic, widespread fear, anarchy and devastation.
What has happened to all the disappeared people – your loved ones and all the children. All non-Christians and Christian posers who missed the rapture would then be “LEFT BEHIND” to suffer through “the tribulation” – a 7 year period of catastrophic pandemonium, lawlessness, anarchy, cosmic signs, chaos, disasters and earthquakes, terrible plaques and bloodshed.

DON’T BET YOUR SOUL that you will even have that chance or the courage to do so.
Many faithful Christians do not believe you will even have a chance to be saved during the Great Tribulation.
YOUR CHANCE IS NOW! If you are going to be saved, you must accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior NOW!
IF YOU ARE NOT READY YET, review and try to understand the contents of all the pages of this “Rapture Ready”
GO! gospel tract and get fully prepared PLACING YOUR FAITH and TRUST in GOD ALONE.